Ayurveda for Happiness is the motto of LeninEver India. We are a staunch supporter of Made in India and believe in Swadeshi Apnae Desh ko Viksit Banaye. Ayurveda is widely practiced in India Srilanka Nepal and many other countries for thousands of years. Now western countries are also adopting it on a large scale and getting benefits out of it. Baba Hari Dass Ji and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji are two best-known prominent personalities in the Western World through their tireless efforts Western World is adopting, utilizing, and practicing Ayurveda. LeninEver is just following the footprints and teachings of our Great Sagas, Vaids, and Scriptures, and only based on these teachings Ayurveda medicines, Oils, Shampoos, Soaps, A2 Gir Cow Ghee, Kashmiri Honey, etc., etc. are being prepared/Marketed by the LeninEver India, Delhi. All the goods are being prepared on the principle of Ayurveda for Happiness with the sole objective of serving humanity with products, which are free from Chemicals, have no side effects, and are being prepared from natural herbs.

Mahatama Gandhiji started Khadi India and due to his tireless efforts, Indians practiced it before Independence and thousands of workers associated with it. In 1956, Khadi and Village Industries Commission came into existence. Which is giving huge employment to the rural masses and ensuring that they use the natural substances, and herbs that are available to them in their surroundings. It is giving huge impetus to the goods, which are being prepared by less use of Machinery and more use of Hands. Khadi India (KVIC) also ensures the genuineness of the products and set standards of quality. It ensures that the products of Khadi and Village industries do conform to the Standards. Khadi India products have become symbols of Purity and genuineness. Most of the products which are being Marketed by LeninEver India are manufactured by Khadi India affiliated/recognized Institutions/Industries.