Privacy Policy

This privacy policy uses "we," "our," and "us" for LeninEver India and "you" for our customers. You agree to this privacy policy when you buy anything from our store. According to the Technology Act 2000, we are authorized to collect your information to use it for delivery purposes, and it is our responsibility to secure your personal information. Here is the list of kinds of information we collect from you:

Account information

We use your name and email address to create an account on our website. This is significant in order to ensure that any anonymous person is not using your account. Moreover, we also ask for gender, lifestyle habits, medical conditions, diet profile and habits, nutritional deficiencies, exercise habits, and more information to personalize our website according to your interests.

IP Address Information

Whenever LeninEver India interacts with your browser, your IP address and other information saved in cookies are collected automatically. This information is generally collected to fight the malware and spasms which your browser can experience while interacting with our website.

Financial Information

We often collect your payment details and IP address for deliveries and transfer them to our third parties handling financial data. We also use your email to send you personalized emails about confirmation, issues, or the launching of our new products.

We also have the right to disclose, preserve, read and access your personal information to fulfill your service requests, perform our brand promotion, and protect your browser from spasms from any unknown third-party website. We keep all your information private and don't share it with anyone not related to our company's policies in delivering and serving you. You can delete your account whenever you want, and we will delete all your personal information from our side as soon as possible.